Noccalula Falls – Gadsden, Alabama

The Legend and Beauty of Noccalula Falls. Alabama is home to a number of different beautiful and exciting attractions and sights. One of the most breathtaking sights in the state is Noccalula Falls. Both lovely and historical, the falls have frequently been referred to as the most beautiful location in the entire state. The timeless story that lies behind the falls only furthers the attraction’s interest.

As legend has it, at one time the falls were known simply as Black Creek Falls. At that time, a native Indian tribe lived in the local area and among that tribe was the beautiful daughter of the tribe’s chief, Noccalula. While many young braves had tried to make her their bride, her father turned all of them away. Eventually the chief selected a husband for his daughter from a neighboring tribe. Unfortunately, Noccalula had her heart set another brave and begged her father to allow her to marry the true love of her life. When her father denied her petition, she escaped to the falls on the day of her scheduled wedding and took her own life. Greatly distraught over the loss of his daughter, the chief named the falls for her and since that time it has been forevermore known as Noccalula Falls.

Today visitors can access Noccalula Falls through a park and campground that is operated by the City of Gadsden as well as the State of Alabama. Besides the breathtakingly beautiful falls, the park is also home to numerous hiking trails as well as botanical gardens and a swimming spot.

Visitors can also tour a pioneer village that is constructed of log cabins. Renovations have been made to the park area in the last couple of years and a Petting Zoo is also now available for visitors to enjoy as well. The area features vending machines that offer handfuls of corn for just 25 cents to feed to the resident ducks.

The cost of admission is $6 per adult. A seasonal pass is also available for just $15. Admission to the park includes unlimited train rides as well as access to the botanical gardens, pioneer village and habitat area. Visitors to the area can also take advantage of the opportunity to camp in the adjacent campground. Along with tent sites, the campground has cabins available for rent as well.

1500 Noccalula Rd.
Gadsden, AL 35902-0267
Phone:    256-549-4663
Fax:    256-549-4834

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  1. would like to know if you will have the park decorated for christmas this year ? if so could you send me some information. i have a church group that would like to come.

  2. Good evening,
    I have forwarded your inquiry on to the city of Gadsden and asked that they contact you directly with the information. Thank you for contacting

    Pat Watson

  3. i have family that lives in gadsden and i live in fl so i go up ther often and i love noccaulua falls sop much i’m doing my 6th grade history fair project on it

  4. im mad i took my lilttle brother to the park sunday and they said in the gift shope they will be closed untill they get enough comlite because of the stuiped mayor geting all mad at yall for goin ahead and doing the stuff for christmas so when will yall be open?

  5. I grew up around Noccalula Falls, back in the “good-old-days when you could elk sown the side of the rocks, go behind the falls, and even go down stream if u wanted to go down another waterfall further down. It was incredible drifting down the water, I’d u had guts to do it. most of us have native americn blood in our veins, and are so proud of it. The original Romeo and Juliet story….,,,

  6. We would have loved to see the falls as we were traveling through and stopping for the night in Gadsden. However, $6 per adult for an hour or two in the late pm is waaayyyy too expensive. They can keep their falls.